In Book I of the Deor series, we meet Dr. Andrea Arnett, Ph.D. - a
whip-smart, hard-drinking New York City forensic anthropologist with
punky, flame-red hair, lots of tattoos, and a penchant for dive bars
and indie rock music. For Drea, murder and mayhem are business as
usual, and dealing with the dead is all in a day's work.

Dealing with the un-dead, however, is a different story. When a
mysterious stranger enters her life, and people start falling victim to
a gruesome serial killer who just may be a vampire, Drea learns that
truth can be stranger than fiction. And when she finds herself
falling in love and grappling with the Blood Lust, she starts taking
matters into her own hands.

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In Deor Book II, Drea experiences the world of vampires firsthand.
As she struggles to return to normalcy in the wake of the notorious
Vampire Murders, she also struggles with the new realities of her
life as a vampire. As her Blood Lust grows stronger, another series
of suspicious deaths throws New York City into a panic. This time,
Wall Street drones are dying amidst a storm of embezzlement and
deceit, in what the tabloids have sensationally labeled The Zombie